Request an Assay

Step 1: Obtain a Pre-award Quote

Whenever possible, please contact us to discuss sample collection, analysis, and pricing.

Step 2: Discuss Future Sample Submission(s)

After receiving a notification of award and prior to collecting samples, investigators are encouraged to contact us to discuss future sample submission(s) (e.g. number and interval of sample batches) in order to ensure time- and cost-efficient assay services.

Step 3: Complete the Request Form

Once samples are collected and ready for analysis, please fill out the provided Assay Request Form. Attach a sample list to this request form. The provided sample list must include all information provided on sample tube labels and each tube must have a unique identifier code or number. Once approved, a member of our team will contact you to coordinate date of sample shipment. An updated quote will also be provided at this time based on specific services requested.

Step 4: Ship Samples

Upon approval of the Assay Request Form, samples are shipped to the Core. Please carefully read our shipping instructions before sending your samples.

Step 5: Payment

Investigators are charged when assay services are rendered.

Step 6: Acknowledge

Please acknowledge the Emory National Primate Research center P51 base grant (OD011132) in all publications resulting from data generated by the Biomarkers Core Laboratory. If the data were generated by our LC-MS platform, please also acknowledge grant S10 OD010757.